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Trekking the National Parks

• Players: 2-6
• Ages: 8+
• Time: 30-60 Minutes

Trekking the National Parks is an award winning family board game where up to six players can visit our country’s majestic parks in a fun and competitive way! Gathering trek cards allows players to move across the map and claim valuable park cards. If a player is the first to visit a National Park, they collect that park's stone, which award bonus points at the end of the game. Players must jockey for position and make tough tactical decisions at every turn to emerge victorious!

Included with every game is a 64-page Park Guide Book packed with beautiful pictures and educational articles about all 59 major National Parks. Click here for a preview!

Trekking the National Parks was the winner of the 2015 Mensa Select Award!

How to Play

You can download the PDF rule book or watch our animated rule videos!

0:00  Object of the Game
0:33  Setting Up the Game
2:29  The Game Turn
3:12  Action: Draw a Trek Card
4:35  Action: Move
5:55  Airports
6:42  Blocking Players
7:07  Action: Claim a Park Card
7:49  End of the Game
8:18  Scoring
9:13  Postcards from the Parks


Here is what folks are saying about Trekking the National Parks:

Donald S said: “Played Trekking with my grandsons just after the New Year. Everyone loved the game; the components, the trekker meeples, the stones. We each adopted a different strategy and the end scores were very close. Definitely a hit! Thanks to Charlie and the team for a great addition to game night. Good thing that I ordered two copies so that the boys could take one home. (Also, excellent customer service as well. My copy was missing a National Park Card that Charlie had to me in a couple of days.)”

George P said: “Hello, I thought you'd like to know. Trekking was played at our monthly gaming gathering. As this group tends towards heavy Eurogames, I expected a mediocre reception to the game. Boy was I wrong! The gang really like Trekking and immediately recognized that there was a bit more to the game than seems at first glance.

Scott D said: “I received my copy today and ... KUDOS to everyone associated with this game and kickstarter. Funny coincidence that <Trekking > arrived the same day as another game I Kickstarted. The difference in overall quality between this game and the other game is astounding. Trekking is amazingly well made - top notch production quality, stellar artwork, great game play. Would never, ever know this is your first game on KS. I am not joking when I say this has "Ticket to Ride"-level potential.”


We want to thank all of those individuals, families and companies who helped contribute to the creation of the Trekking the National Parks Board Game.  We also want to thank the over 500 Kickstarter Backers who helped us launch this amazing project. Check out all of our Trekking sponsors!

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Art and Game Design by Charlie Bink
Park Photography by John Binkele
Inspired by the adventures of John & Terry Binkele
Play Tested by Terry Binkele, John Binkele, Jessica Divers, Tosha Henderson, Greg Henderson, Brett Kitani, Josh Funk, Chad Sunda, Amanda Sunda, Dave Jackson, Tom Columbus, Brian Franklin, Connie Gartner,
Ted Gartner, Sarah Divers, Laura Gartner, Aaron Kelsheimer, Sean Haas, Ashley Haas, Katie Parkinson,
Corey Hollinger, Larry Tamburro, Paige Walend, Ken Walend, Trudi Walend, Ben Lopes, Ilse Lopes