No, Bink Ink isn’t a tattoo parlor! We are an independent, family-run publishing company that creates tabletop games and gifts that everyone can enjoy!


Charlie Bink

Charlie has always been an avid gamer and lover of the arts. He graduated with special honors from The Art Institute of Phoenix in 2004 with a degree in Media Arts and Animation, and then spent over a decade working as a production artist and freelancing. In 2014 Charlie founded Bink Ink as a means to self-publish his own games, artwork and products. His first game Trekking the National Parks (which he designed and produced all the artwork for) was the winner of the 2015 Mensa Select Award! Charlie currently lives in Phoenix, AZ where he enjoys hiking, drawing, and game nights with friends and family.


John & Terry Binkele

After 30 wonderful years of marriage, John and Terry decided to set out on a "bucket list" mission to visit all 59 of America's National Parks. This journey was the inspiration for Bink Ink's first published game Trekking the National Parks. While exploring the parks, John has practiced polishing his photographic skills and has digitally captured the beauty of the parks in a huge archive of photographs (many of which are used in Bink Ink products). Terry is the family’s organizer extraordinaire- planning and preparing the family for all outdoor adventures as well as taking care of the day-to-day business.